CableMod Pro Coiled Keyboard Cable (Galaxy Blue, USB A to USB Type C, 150cm)

CableMod Pro Coiled Keyboard Cable (Galaxy Blue, USB A to USB Type C, 150cm)

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CableMod Pro Coiled Keyboard Cable (Galaxy Blue, USB A to USB Type C, 150cm)

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Elevate your keyboard setup to the next level with the CableMod Pro Keyboard Cable. Made for keyboards with a USB-C port, this coiled keyboard cable is sleeved with both ModFlex and ModMesh sleeving, and is the ultimate accessory to make your keyboard setup pop.

Legendary Sleeving

The CableMod Pro Keyboard Cable begins with our high-quality copper wire, which is insulated with a specially formulated wire jacket for added flexibility. We then sleeve this wire in ModFlex sleeving and overlay ModMesh sleeving on top for a professional texture and added durability. Best of all, the colors are a perfect match with other CableMod cables to help unify the look of your entire setup. By utilizing our world famous sleeving, the CableMod Pro Keyboard Cable is a cut above the rest.

CableMod ProCoil

To obtain the pro look, we’ve developed the ProCoil. The result of eight months of prototypes and tweaking, the CableMod ProCoil achieves a tight and durable cable coil that eliminates unsightly gaps between coil rotations, and does this without the obvious sleeving imperfections of the competition. And thanks to our specially formulated wire jacket, the ProCoil still maintains excellent flexibility while maintaining its shape over time. Through our highly-developed cable coiling process, ProCoil ensures that your keyboard cable is the best of the best.

Best in Class Connectors

Forget cheap plastic and ditch the heatshrink. To cap things off, the CableMod Pro Keyboard Cable takes our aviator quick disconnect and USB connectors, and coats them in a luxurious powder coat finish for a look that is truly next level. What’s more, these connectors are applied without the use of unsightly heatshrink to keep things looking as clean as possible.

Give your keyboard the look it craves with the CableMod Pro Keyboard Cable.


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